Auto insurance helps protect you and your family against financial loss if you have an accident or experience another type of vehicle loss. It covers the injuries and damages caused by an accident if you are legally responsible. It can also cover the costs of repair or replacement if your vehicle is damaged or stolen.

Our auto insurance coverage can include:   

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Coverage
This pays for bodily injury to other people or damage to their property, if you are liable.  It also pays whether your car is driven by you, a qualified family member, or another driver using your car with your permission. In Texas, the minimum limits are 30/60/25. Remember these are minimum limits and may not be adequate for you. Please consult us to make sure you have adequate coverage.

The first number is the limit (in thousands) your policy will pay per person for bodily injury in the event of an at fault accident. The second number is the total limit your policy pays people injured in the at fault accident. The third number is the limit your policy will pay for property damage in an at fault accident.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage
Personal Injury Protection takes care of medical expenses, lost wages, household services and funeral bills resulting from an auto accident. This covers you, your family, anyone riding in your car and anyone driving your car with your permission. It also covers you and qualified family members while in non-owned cars and if hit by a motor vehicle while walking or riding a bicycle.  The minimum limit is $2,500, up to a maximum of $10,000.

Medical Payments Coverage
This coverage pays medical bills and funeral expenses for you or a passenger injured in an
accident while riding in your vehicle. Coverage extends to you or a family member when riding as
a passenger in someone else's vehicle or when struck by a vehicle when on foot or on a bicycle. Costs are covered up to the amount specified by the policy. It does not provide loss of income coverage.  The minimum limit is $2,500, up to a maximum of $10,000.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Uninsured Motorist coverage covers you, insured members of your household and your passengers in an accident with a motorist who has no insurance or is underinsured. It also provides coverage if you're hit by a hit-and-run driver and applies to you and the insured members of your household, and any other person occupying your covered vehicle.

Even as pedestrians, coverage includes payment of medical costs and lost wages. This coverage typically covers any difference between what the at fault driver's insurance covers and the costs of your bodily injuries and property damage, up to the limits of the policy. There is a $250 deductible on property damage.

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive coverage protects your investment in your vehicle by covering losses to the car
resulting from fire, theft, falling objects, riots, storms, earthquakes, floods, and collision with a
bird or animal. Like Collision coverage, Comprehensive coverage generally includes a deductible
which you select. Comprehensive coverage is normally required if your vehicle is leased or if you
have an outstanding loan on the vehicle. 

Optional/Add-on Equipment Coverage
Coverage is available for optional equipment, which is not factory installed. If your vehicle is altered in any way please let us know, in order to determine the proper value to cover these extra or added items.

Collision Coverage
Collision coverage covers the damage to your vehicle resulting from a collision with another
vehicle or object. Generally, the coverage reimburses you the amount needed to repair or replace
your damaged vehicle, minus the deductible you select. This coverage is normally required if your
vehicle is leased or if you have an outstanding loan on the vehicle. 

Rental - Loss of Use
Provides a rental vehicle for your use while your vehicle is being repaired as a result of a covered claim.  You can select the daily amount of coverage.

Optional Coverages Available

Towing and Labor
Pays for towing cost if your vehicle breaks down, a locksmith, to bring gas to your vehicle, and to have someone change a tire. Coverage is based on policy limits per occurrence.

Death Indemnity
Pays up to the limit you select for an auto accident, regardless of who is at fault, for you and qualified family members. Coverage is based on the limit you select.

Gap Coverage
This coverage helps pay the difference between your loan amount and the actual cash value of your vehicle, up to 25 percent of the vehicle's cash value, when you incur a total loss.

Liability coverage is provided at no extra charge to trailers designed for use with a private passenger car, pickup truck, panel truck or van. The amount of liability coverage extends from the vehicle pulling the trailer.  Collision and comprehensive coverages for the trailer are available for an additional charge.

Antique Cars
Coverage is available for these specialty vehicles, such as classic and antique cars. Please contact us to insure these vehicles.


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